Write your way to clarity.

Literary Therapy is an interactive experience that uses  introspective writing, mindfulness strategies, group discussion in a safe and supportive environment to center joy, foster connection, and cultivate tools and strategies to cope and thrive during this raggedy moment in history.

With over 1,000 participants from 20+ countries since its creation in 2015, Literary Therapy offers affirming space for cathartic expression and unpacking topics related to mental and emotional wellness with a trauma-informed facilitator, GetSomeJoy co-founder Alexander Hardy.

The program has yielded 15 digital Literary Therapy Exploration Workbooks since Summer 2021.

Literary Therapy sessions can be one-time experiences or part of a series and include a digital or print Literary Therapy Exploration Workbook.

AUDIENCE: The Literary Therapy Writing Program is a dynamic experience tailored to support community, academic, non-profit, corporate, municipal, and other groups with a welcoming, restorative space for creative expression and cultivating tools for thriving.

This framework is ideal for anyone open to using introspective and creative writing as a tool to make sense of life and find clarity, connection, and joy.

(You, too, managers!)

What happens during Literary Therapy?

During the sessions, participants:

  • practice mindfulness and grounding activities,

  • explore topics such as joy, safety, stress, creativity, isolation, loss, goals, caregiving, giving ourselves and others grace, etc.,

  • share some insights with others + keep some private,

  • curate restorative wellness practices and support,

  • receive tools for self-affirmation and connecting to resources + support networks, and

  • prioritize their joy and well-being.

The sessions underscore writing's effectiveness as a vehicle for healing and catharsis, and allows participants to take an inventory of and gain clarity on their wellness journeys.


  • Normalize discussions around self-care, stress, joy, and wellness.

  • Enhance individual and collective authenticity, accountability, vulnerability, and clarity.

  • Foster connection, creativity, self-affirmation, self-love, decisiveness, and a greater sense of power and freedom.

  • Remember to choose joy more often.

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Stay updated on events, wellness resources, joy-flavored storiesm and the latest from the GetSomeJoy community.


Join a Literary Therapy Writing Circle

Our 4-week Writing Circles offer intimate space to connect and reflect, ongoing support from a licensed clinician, creative tools for thriving, and community to help you find joy in raggedy times. Join solo or with a friend, partner, or relative at a group discount.

We have 3 available cohorts:

DAY (12pm EST):

Friday, February 23, March 1, 8, 15  


Tuesday, February 20 + 27, March 5 + 12


Saturday, March 2, 9, 16, 23


Traveling Community Literary Therapy Wall

A public space for conversations about joy. Visit our installation to see what other people are doing to getsomejoy, share what joy means to you, and grab a button + a Literary Therapy Exploration Workbook.

Current Location (May + June 2022):

Oakland Public Library—Elmhurst Branch

1427 88th Ave, Oakland, CA 94621


Literary Therapy: Spring Cleaning + Making Space for Joy

A community writing workshop on emotional decluttering, celebrating progress, and creating space for joy during this raggedy moment in history.

Includes a digital Literary Therapy Exploration Workbook

MARCH 2022

Literary Therapy: Joy, Grief, Healing, and Recovery

with Dominican Writers Association

A four-part introspective writing program offering community space to navigate life in this raggedy moment in history. With custom Literary Therapy exploration Workbooks.

Week 1: Joy, Boundaries, and Restorative Practices

Week 2: Grief + Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 3: Intergenerational Healing + New Family Narratives

Week 4: Recovery + Self-Love

Our Literary Therapy Pop-Up at the 2022 Black Joy Parade

We shared Black Joy Parade Edition Literary Therapy Exploration Workbooks + life improving community resources by 1Degree and invited people to write about joy.


Literary Therapy: Black Joy Parade Edition

What are your favorite parts about being Black? What songs inspire joy and get you in a good mood?

GetSomeJoy hosted a free community writing workshop ahead of our pop-up at the 2022 Black Joy Parade.

View our Black Joy Parade 2022 Case Recap + Study


Literary Therapy: Caregiving, Shame, Self-Love, and Recovery

Session 1 - Caregiving, Creative Outlets + Joy Action Plans

Session 2 - Guilt, Shame, and Grace

Session 3 - Accountability, Supportive Rituals, and Self-Sabotage

Session 4 - Recovery, Self-Loathing, and Self-Love


Literary Therapy: Joy, Grief, Pleasure, and Growth

Session 1 - joy, boundaries + restorative practices

Session 2 - grief + post-traumatic growth

Session 3 - pleasure + playtime

Session 4 - letting go + releasing

Prioritize wellness at work, school, and beyond.

Bring a Literary Therapy session or series to your community.

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