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GetSomeJoy is a creative wellness agency that supports organizations and communities with joy-infused trainings, experiences, and resources.

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Grief Support Program

GetSomeJoy is partnering with funeral homes, healthcare providers, schools, companies and community centers to offer creative wellness tools and foster welcoming spaces to find connection, clarity, support, and joy in raggedy times.


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“Sometimes, I wish I could call my mom: What to do when you want to talk to a deceased loved one.”

When grief runs up on you, do you bust out your journal or turn to your altar? Breeze past the moment and forget about it? Phone a friend?

We asked community members how they handle those moments when they wish they could hear from someone who has passed away.


Check out the griefKit

Because none of us can avoid grief’s ashy-knuckled grasp.

There is no right way to navigate grief and loss. But it’s much easier to do with joy, community, and good snacks.

This crowdsourced griefKit has articles and essays, books, communities and toolkits, mindful movement, music and podcasts, recipes, activities for reflection and exploration, and lots of love.

Available in text form and as a joy-filled 55-page downloadable PDF.

Joy is our love language.

Here’s what a few community members had to say about the GetSomeJoy Experience.

“…this was probably the first time I’ve ever really felt heard.”


“I’ve been to a lot of groups. I lead sewing workshops for domestic violence survivors. Outside of my therapist, this was probably the first time I’ve ever really felt heard. It was the best group I’ve ever been to. And I learned that I don’t listen enough. I’m so glad I found this space.”

Nubia Ptah, Founder

Nubia Cultural House


“Alex did a great job bringing us together and creating a safe space with no judgment while supporting us through the most difficult time we’ve gone through globally. We all went through this together. To have that support was invaluable.”

Ayanna Fortson, VP of Housing

National Urban League


What’s the most JOYFUL part of your school day?

We spoke to educators at the 2023 Summer Learning Conference at Buena Vista University about prioritizing mental health for their learners and themselves, creative wellness tools for coping amidst transition, and cultivating more joyful working and learning environments.

Catch up with our Traveling Community Literary Therapy Wall

What are you doing to getsomejoy? What meal or dish represents joy to you? See what people are sharing.

Black Joy Parade 2022 Recap + Case Study

7,860 miles. 300 workbooks. 101 ways to get some joy.

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