Music + Podcasts about and inspired by  grief and loss

A crowdsourced collection of music, playlists, and podcasts inspired by love, loss. Because sometimes you need to talk about it and sometimes you need to dance about it.

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Music inspired by love, loss, mourning, celebration of life, etc.

What songs would you add to a playlist about grief and loss? Here’s what folks shared when we asked for recommendations.

Our griefTunes playlist features Janet Jackson, Erykah Badu, Luther Vandross, Céline Dion, Beyoncé, Prince, Fantasia, DMX, Stevie Wonder, Oleta Adams, Michael Jackson, and more.  

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Playlists inspired by grief, mourning, loss, and love

Sad songs. Joyful songs. Their favorite songs. Songs for crying, breathing, and dancing. Community members curated and contributed these love-inspired playlists. Have a playlist for navigating The Feels? Share it with us right here.

Blooming Meadow by Brandon Stewart [Apple Music]

Good Mourning by Donte Gibson [YouTube]

Grieving in Hope Songs [Spotify]

Lenny's Soundtrack created in honor by Issa M. Mas [Spotify]

Lenny’s Soundtrack created in honor by Issa M. Mas [Amazon Music]

Sad Soul “Soul for the blues” [Spotify]

The Feel Good by Alex Hardy [Spotify]

“We have to be very careful not to dam the things inside of us that allow other human beings to experience a deeper humanity. I think we should grieve and shout and holler and all that good stuff.”

Imani Perry, “Stuck on Grieving Everyone, Everything, All of the Time.” Stuck with Damon Young

Podcasts that explore grief, death, and such


The Grief Gang

This Too Shall Suck: A Fresh Perspective on Grief

Podcast Episodes

On Being

How We Live With Loss

Creatively Exposed


Death, Sex, and Money

Singing in the Pain: Hrishikesh Hirway on his Mother, Grief and Creativity

The Death Studies Podcast

Episode 5 - Dr Kami Fletcher

The Emergent Strategy Podcast

Radical Grievance with Malkia Devich Cyril

Grief Out Loud

Ep. 178: Survivor's Guilt - Julia Mallory

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema

Ep 6: Releasing and Grieving

Ep 88: Grieving the loss of a loved one

Ep 142: Supporting Grieving Friends

Hoodoo Plant Mamas

Ep 15: Generation Grief with Julia Mallory

A Little Juju Podcast

Ep. 29 Back to the Hoodoo

Ep. 45 N*ggas Die Different

SOL Affirmations

Making Peace With The Grief

Stuck with Damon Young

Stuck on Grieving Everyone, Everything, All of the Time” (with Imani Perry, Hanif Abdurraquib, and Cole Arthur Riley)

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Motherless Day

The Wild Geeze

Good Grief - Intro

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More from the griefKit: Overview | Introduction | Articles + Essays | Books | Communities + Tools | Mindful Movement | Music + Podcasts | Poetry | Recipes | Submit a resource

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