GetSomeJoy@School is your school’s solution for joy-infused wellness programs + resources.

As part of our GetSomeJoy@School Program, we offer:

  • Customizable in-house programs and resources for schools of every level

  • Public leadership workshops for educators + leaders

Learn about our free community programming here.

Support staff and student mental health + center joy with GetSomeJoy@School programs.

Our joy-infused wellness trainings, experiences, and resources can help your school:

  • Prioritize mental health and morale,

  • Foster connection and center joy,

  • Improve interpersonal relationships with open communication,

  • Understand faculty, staff + student needs, perspectives, personalities, challenges, and goals,

  • Facilitate open dialog related to areas of opportunity through anonymized feedback,

  • Encourage inclusivity and invite collaboration,

  • Cultivate a more safe, trusting learning environment

Could your school, district, or program use more joy? Have an idea, event, or campaign?

Let’s discuss your school’s wellness needs.


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By implementing GetSomeJoy@School programs, you help your school community thrive + find joy.

Program Elements

GetSomeJoy@School Community Wellness Assessment + Report

School-wide Experiences

Mental Health First Aid

Community Roundtables

Wellness Check-Ins / Mindfulness Moments

Literary Therapy writing session or series

Faculty + Staff Experiences

Creating Space for Joy in the Workplace Leadership Series

Trauma-Informed Leadership Series

Add-on Services:

  • Support groups. We consult with your school’s Counseling Center to establish group focus, structure (drop-in or closed), safety plans, and objectives in line with your  needs, dynamics, demographics, accessibility concerns, etc. Groups are led by dynamic, skilled facilitators and community builders who work with groups such as:

    • Grief and loss

    • Domestic violence, sexual assault, or trauma survivors

    • Students living with or caring for someone with chronic illness or disabilities

    • Culture-specific, LGBTQ+, or spirituality-centered groups

    • Other communities or teams

  • Virtual cook-alongs. We take a survey of your community’s food and flavor preferences when developing budget-friendly recipes for these fun community cooking sessions and cultural conversations.

  • Accessible yoga, stretch, or dance sessions. Invigorating movement workshops for all body types and levels of ability.

  • Meditation + Affirmation sessions. Brief, impactful workshops for grounding, setting intentions, or resetting in the middle of a hectic day.


Check out our GetSomeJoy@School

Wellness Program Catalog

Learn about our joy-infused trainings, experiences, and resources.


Help your community thrive with Mental Health First Aid

At least 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health challenge this year. Would you know how to offer support? Would your school’s educators or administrators?

Mental Health First Aid trains community members to recognize and respond to mental health and substance use challenges. Participants learn and practice a framework for noticing, engaging, and connecting to professional help.

Schedule a single session or series with a Mental Health First Aid National Trainer for your community.

Available curriculums:

Mental Health First Aid (for adults supporting adults)

Youth Mental Health First Aid (for adults supporting youth + adolescents aged 12-18)

Mental Health First Aid for Higher Education

Mental Health First Aid for Rural Communities

Mental Health First Aid for Spanish Speaking Communities


Cultivate space for reflection + connection with our Literary Therapy Writing Program

FOR: Learners, educators, staff, administrators of all levels, community, family, non-profits, etc.

GetSomeJoy’s Literary Therapy Writing Program is an interactive experience that uses introspective writing, mindfulness strategies, group discussion in a safe and supportive environment to center joy, foster connection, and cultivate tools and strategies to cope and thrive during this raggedy moment in history.

The Literary Therapy Writing Program does not focus on producing or editing a specific piece of written work. This program offers space for expression, affirmation, utilizing creative wellness practices for stress management, unpacking impactful recent events, and celebrating ourselves. Participants will reflect, collaborate, and receive resources for additional support and exploration.

Sessions are available virtually or in-person:

  • as one-time experiences,

  • a biweekly/monthly/quarterly/biannual series,

  • conference breakout or retreat component,

  • as part of your wellness campaign or program, etc.

Available curriculums:

  • Literary Therapy for Educators and Administrators

  • Literary Therapy for Students

  • Navigating Grief + Loss with Joy

  • Literary Therapy for Caregivers

  • a custom curriculum that suits your needs


Foster connection + prioritize mindfuless with our Community Literary Therapy Wall

Our bright yellow traveling community wellness exhibit offers public space for reflection and sharing on joy, mental health, and tools for coping and thriving.

What does joy mean to you? How does it smell, taste, sound, feel? Pick a prompt, write a little or a lot on a Literary Therapy Postcard, grab a fried chicken sticker, and join the conversation. Or you can let it marinate and respond later. Take some stickers and a card to reflect with a friend? Yes, please.

Since its debut in January 2022, our Community Literary Therapy Wall has helped center joy at parades and conferences, in libraries, classrooms, and spaces in Oakland, Los Angeles, Storm Lake, Brooklyn, and Binghamton.

We even have a virtual version!

Where to next? Let’s talk about it.

GetSomeJoy@School Logistics + Details

GetSomeJoy@School offers customizable wellness experiences and resources tailored to your school’s needs, goals, and considerations.

Our experiences are available as one-time or ongoing engagements, with our recommended timeframe being at least eight weeks of joy-centered community building for meaningful + measurable impact.


“It will help you feel supported. It will help your staff feel supported.”

Ayanna Fortson, VP of Housing

National Urban League

GetSomeJoy Experiences:

GetSomeJoy@Work Workplace Wellness Assessment + Report

Wellness Check-Ins / Mindfulness Moments

Creating Space for Joy in the Workplace Series

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Want to bring some joy to your school, district, or enrichment program? Have an idea for a wellness experience or campaign? Need support with a mental health initiative?

Let’s talk about it.

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