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GetSomeJoy@Work Workplace Wellness Assessment

An anonymous, crowdsourced wellness review that takes the pulse of the organization’s wellness situation and identify barriers to thriving and growth opportunities related to optimizing individual, role-related, and community health.

Workplace Wellness Assessment details

AUDIENCE: This review and report are ideal for those in charge of team member morale and benefits: human resources managers or directors, wellness program management, talent retention, etc.

In addition to informing the focus and content of our collaboration, this Assessment takes the pulse of your organization’s wellness situation and identifies barriers to thriving and growth opportunities for cultivating a more joyful workplace.

After allowing 1 - 2 weeks for maximum participation, we prepare and deliver a spiffy Workplace Wellness Report that includes feedback from team members of all levels.

We also unpack the Workplace Wellness Report and received feedback during the Creating Space for Joy in the Workplace leadership series.


  • Obtain valuable anonymous feedback on the culture of joy with immediately applicable strategies and insights.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to optimizing team member wellness amidst global transition and uncertainty.

  • Contribute to a safe, collaborative, trusting work environment.

Schedule some time to discuss your goals and how the Workplace Wellness Assessment can help your team here.

Mindfulness Moment + Wellness Check-in

What are you doing to get some joy? How are you pouring into yourself? What support do you need?

Wellness Check-In details

AUDIENCE: This team-wide check-in is for anyone who could benefit from a moment of collective reflection, recharging, and wellness-based tools for personal development and helping clients and teammates thrive.

This casual weekly or biweekly session offers team members a chance to take off their superhero capes, have a moment to breathe, acknowledge what's going well, engage support, and acquire resources to be great(er) during the week.

Sessions include:

  • Mindfulness & gratitude activities and strategies

  • Restorative wellness practices

  • Team-building & games

  • Space to request accountability & support to be great(er)


  • Normalize discussions around self-care, mutual support, stress, joy, and wellness.

  • Enhance focus, motivation, creativity, and health among team members.

  • Build a toolkit to help clients thrive in uncertain times.

Schedule some time to discuss your goals and how Wellness Check-Ins can support your team here.

Literary Therapy writing sessions

Write your way to clarity. This dynamic, interactive experience that harnesses the cathartic power of creative writing, group readings, and collective vulnerability to explore topics related to mental and emotional wellness.

Literary Therapy writing session details

AUDIENCE: This session is ideal for anyone open to using introspective and creative writing as a tool to make sense of life (in this raggedy moment in history and beyond) and find clarity, freedom, and healing.

During the sessions, participants:

  • engage in introspective writing exercises,

  • practice mindfulness and gratitude,

  • explore topics such as joy, safety, isolation, loss, growth, love, giving ourselves grace, etc.

  • curate restorative wellness practices and support,

  • receive tools for self-affirmation, articulating feelings and experiences, and prioritizing joy.

The session underscores writing's effectiveness as a vehicle for healing and catharsis, and allows participants to take an inventory of and gain clarity on their wellness journeys.

**Most impactful as a series of sessions, as growth is a process, rather than a one-time experience.


  • Normalize discussions around self-care, stress, joy, and wellness.

  • Enhance individual and collective authenticity, accountability, vulnerability, and clarity.

  • Foster mindfulness, creativity, self-affirmation, self-love, decisiveness, and a greater sense of power and freedom.

  • Remember to choose joy more often.

Schedule some time to discuss your goals and how Literary Therapy writing sessions can help your team here.

Creating Space for Joy in the Workplace (for leaders + managers)

Foster wellness & thriving amidst global transition. Participants (management, supervisors, team leaders, etc.) will explore and share strategies for supporting team members and enhancing the culture of joy at work during a time of global uncertainty.

Creating Space for Joy in the Workplace  details

AUDIENCE: This series is ideal for supervisors, managers, executive directors, decision makers, aspiring directors, trainers, and other community leaders tasked with guiding folks to greatness in a time when safety feels non-existent and joy is evasive for many of us.

Includes the GetSomeJoy@Work Workplace Wellness Assessment + Workplace Wellness Report.

Sessions offer leaders:

  • space to share victories and strategies for optimizing joy and navigating challenges,

  • direct feedback from team members on how they’re coping,

  • insights on offering emotional support and navigating a mental health or substance use crisis,

  • organization-friendly resources for group healing in the ongoing war on spiritual ashiness.


  • take inventory of your team’s wellness situation with radical honesty,

  • identify areas of potential improvement to create a more joyful team,

  • broaden their managerial perspectives and gain clarity on navigating intersectional barriers to wellness amidst global transition and collective grief,

  • explore strategies for supporting the mental wellness of remote and dynamic teams,

  • recognize signs of burnout, depression, and mental/emotional challenges, and explore how to support team members in distress,

  • consider methods for fostering authenticity and mutual support,

  • gain new pe

  • rspectives on how global leaders are helping their virtual groups thrive, and

  • acquire resources for promoting mindfulness and connectedness amidst global uncertainty.

Schedule some time to discuss your goals and how joy-infused leadership sessions can support your team here.

Mental Health First Aid trainings

This interactive training course presents an overview of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in the U.S. and an action plan (A.L.G.E.E.) for engaging and offering support.

Mental Health First Aid details

AUDIENCE: Like CPR, Mental Health First Aid is for everyone. Youth Mental Health First Aid is suitable for teachers, school admin, superintendents, coaches, parents, community members, aunties/uncles, etc. For groups of at least 10 participants.

The course introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems (depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self-harm, suicidal ideas & behaviors, substance use challenges), builds understanding of their impact, and reviews common treatments.

For a minimum of 10 participants. Max of 30 participants (1 facilitator) - 60 participants (2 facilitators) per session.

Consists of: Two-hour virtual self-paced training on Mental Health First Aid & ALGEE action plan + Instructor-led Skills Application Session + Three-year certification upon completion


  • Grow your knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental illnesses and addictions.

  • Identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental health or substance use challenge.

  • Increase your confidence in and likelihood to help an individual in distress.

  • Increase awareness around your own mental wellness.

Schedule some time to discuss your goals and how Mental Health First Aid trainings can support your team here.

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