Crowdsourced tools and considerations for navigating grief and loss

There’s no right way to grieve, mourn, or heal after loss. This griefKit is filled with ideas and resources for navigating grief and loss from people from across Janet Jackson’s Internet who have all been touched by love and loss. There are no rule books for making it through.

This griefKit has articles, essays, books, communities, mindful movement, music, podcasts, recipes, tools, and considerations to help you make it through whatever kind of grief you're navigating. We see you and invite you to give yourself more grace. We hope something or (a few somethings) in here helps you feel a little less raggedy, find words for your experience, remember to find joy and be gentle with yourself in its absence. Grab something delicious and dive in.

Take your time. And breathe.

Reach out and let us know how this resonates with you, if you’d like to discuss the griefKit on a podcast/media outlet/social media broadcast, or if you’re down to collaborate on a multimedia griefKit campaign. We love talking about feelings.

Browse the griefKit by section via the pages below or download the complete resource via this here button:

Because none of us can escape grief’s ashy-kuckled grasp.


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Inside the digital griefKit

57 pages of crowdsourced joy and tools for navigating grief, with space to doodle, reflect, draw, and take notes

griefKit contents:

Introduction | Articles + Essays | Books

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