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Workbooks from our Literary Therapy Winter Series

We prepared and distributed these Literary Therapy Exploration Workbooks for “Literary Therapy: Caregiving, Shame, Self, Love, and Recovery, a 4-part series using creative writing, personal exploration + mindfulness to explore mental wellness during this raggedy moment in history.

These workbooks follow topics explored in each session, with additional grounding and reflection activities, as well as space to doodle and take notes.

Session 1: Caregiving, Creative Outlets + Joy Action Plans

What does caregiving mean to and require of you? What emotions and dynamics do caring for loved ones and receiving care evoke? How can we find joy and balance in caring for others while tending to our own needs? How often do you take off your superhero cape and make time for hobbies or fun?

In the first session of our Fall/Winter Literary Therapy Writing Series, we’ll reconnect with and embrace creativity, leisure, support, and joy while managing responsibilities within our communities and families.

Session 2: Guilt, Shame, and Grace

How do guilt and shame impact or constrain in your life? How can we reframe how we engage with negative or painful emotions around decisions we make, our lived experiences, or how we show up in the world?

In our second Literary Therapy writing session, we engage with our Inner Haters and unpack limiting beliefs and dynamics that keep us from being great(er).

Session 3: Accountability, Supportive Rituals, and Self-Sabotage

How have our actions or inactions impacted our life’s trajectory? What routines or traditions invite joy, consistency, or relief? What patterns or attitudes invite disappointment, poor outcomes, or chaos into your life?

In our third Literary Therapy session, we’ll unpack our roles in our circumstances, extract and share valuable lessons from our past decisions, and embrace practices that promote peace.

Session 4: Recovery, Self-Loathing, and Self-Love

How can we cultivate and reinforce a healthy self-image after dark or challenging chapters in our lives? How can we learn to trust and celebrate ourselves as we rebuild and heal from disappointing ourselves and others?

In our fourth Literary Therapy session, we’ll explore non-linear healing, acknowledge our progress, and love on the dusty and delightful parts and versions of ourselves.

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